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: about the Request Form for the paying insurance premium of RIJYEM INSURANCE PLAN.

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1. Operator of the Certificate Request Form

Operator of the Certificate Request Form
Request Form (F-REGI Payment) Operator: F-REGI Co., Ltd.

2. Payment Methods

The following payment methods are accepted.

The credit card holder must be the same as the applicant or a family member.

Payment Methods

VISA and MasterCard

3. Handling of Personal Information

The information collected here will only be used for purposes of issuing certificates at RIJYEM INSURACE PLAN and will not be used in any other way.

For the privacy policy of F-REGI Co., Ltd., please click on the following link the "F-REGI Privacy Policy".

F-REGI Privacy Policy (Japanese only)

4. System Errors

F-REGI Co., Ltd. will not be liable for undelivery, misdelivery, late delivery, rejected delivery, or any other mistake in delivery of emails due to the user's failure to enter the correct email address, use of undecipherable text or any other mistake.

F-REGI Co., Ltd. will not be liable for the failure of the system due to natural disasters, incidents, power outages, bad telephone circuitry, or other unavoidable circumstances.

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